Persona 3 Portable: How to Beat Natural Dancer Guide (Tartarus Boss Guide)

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The Tartarus bosses are almost notorious for being as tough or tougher than the Full Moon bosses in Persona 3 Portable. In this article, I will be taking a look at how to beat the Natural Dancer, one of the many mini-bosses scattered throughout Tartarus. This Natural Dancer guide will have tips, level details, and weaknesses for the boss.

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Natural Dancer Guide in Persona 3 Portable

Where and When

This boss is met on Floor 110 of Tartarus. You will encounter just one enemy but it is tough to take down. You will have some flexibility for your team at this stage of the game.


This enemy is Level 40 with 1700 HP and pretty evenly distributed stats.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This boss is Strong against Fire and Electric attacks, it also nulls Light, Dark, and Wind attacks. It has no explorable weaknesses but is open to attack from all physical attacks.


There is one strategy for this fight that involves fighting this boss alone which I won’t recommend but I would say it’s possible. To use this strategy bring a Persona that Nulls wind attacks and doesn’t have any healing moves. Heal with items whenever the boss casts Tetrakarn and buy the strongest weapon possible before the fight.

If you’d rather go for a full-team attack the recommended lineup is MC, Mitsuru, Aigis, Akihiko. Mitsuru acts as a healer but also deals damage with her Bufu, which Yukari cannot do with her Garu attack.

As with any time an enemy with Charm is causing issue, you can get a null charm heart item from Narcissus. I’d recommend doing this at least once in a  save to have the item available throughout your playthrough to make life easier.

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