Takaya Sasaki & Jin Shirato Boss Guide – Level, Weakness & Guide

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Most major bosses in Persona 3 are arcana bosses on the Full Moon, a spanner is thrown into the works with Takaya Sasaki and Jin Shirato offering up a dual boss fight. In this Takaya Sasaki and Jin Shirato boss guide, I will be taking a look at boss level, player level, weaknesses, and other helpful tips to win.

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Takaya Sasaki and Jin Shirato Boss Guide for P3 Portable


Neither Jin nor Takaya have any exploitable weaknesses meaning they will need to be whittled down. They are strong against Light and Dark attacks while Jin also repels Fire.


Both Jin and Takaya are level 53 enemies with 1,500 HP each. Their stats are the exact same with none standing out as better than the others. I recommend having your team enter at a similar level to both.

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Take Junpei for his Fire immunity, both bosses have fire attacks so he’s the most effective person to have on the team.

Take Akihiko Sanada for his Electricity immunity and picks another strong member as your fourth, this will depend on who you have leveled the highest, preferably bring someone with strength against Ice or Wind to neutralise as many of Sasaki’s attacks as possible.

MC tends to act as a healer in this fight thanks to the sheer number of Persona that they can equip.

While your strategy can vary, I would take out Jin first as his Mudo/Mudoon are insta-kill and can cause a lot of damage to your team. Once he is taken out it should be smooth sailing dealing with Sasaki so long as you heal your team and are strong against his elemental attacks.

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