Persona 3 Portable: How to Beat Rampage Drive Guide (Tartarus Boss Guide)

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The Tartarus bosses are almost notorious for being as tough or tougher than the Full Moon bosses in Persona 3 Portable. In this article, I will be taking a look at how to beat the Rampage Drive, one of the first of many mini-bosses scattered throughout Tartarus. This Rampage Drive guide will have tips, level details, and weaknesses for the boss.

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Rampage Drive Guide for Persona 3 Portable

Where and When

You come across Rampage Drive on floor 14 of Tartarus, it is essentially the final boss of the original block as you’re capped at floor 16 until passing the first Full Moon. It is the first mini-boss that you face on its own as previous fights had three of each enemy. You battle this with the original SEES members of MC, Junpei and Yukari.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Rampage Drive is notoriously difficult due to the number of strengths and resistance it has. It completely nulls Slash, Pierce, Light, and Dark attacks, and resists Fire, and Reflects strikes. It has no weaknesses to exploit.


It is a Level 8 enemy with 450 HP and slightly higher strength stats than usual.


This is the first boss that’ll really put your team to the test as you’ll need to wear it down.

MC’s persona choice is difficult here as Orpheus is of no use due to the Agi and Bash abilities being neutralised, Apsaras is the only other Persona likely to be available at this point with an elemental attack

Yukari’s healing will likely be a difference-maker in this fight so let her focus on healing while MC uses Bufu or other element attacks to take bits off of the boss’ health.

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