Persona 3 Portable Strength & Fortune Boss Guide – Level, Weakness & Tips

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One of the final arcana bosses is a difficult dual battle against Strenght and Fortune. These are two powerful enemies encountered deep in the game so preparing properly can make the difference between winning and losing. In this strength and fortune boss guide I will be taking a look at boss level, player level, weaknesses, and other helpful tips to win.

Strength & Fortune Boss Guide in Persona 3 Portable


Neither boss has any exploitable weakness. They both nullify light and dark attacks but otherwise have no resistance or blocks, making them vulnerable to any attacks you have.


Both bosses are level 46 with equally distributed stat points, Strenght has 4,000 HP while Fortune has 3,000 Hp. If possible, enter this fight a level or two ahead of these bosses. Fusing persona’s for some high-level social links before this fight could come in handy.

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Dealing with the Wheel of Fortune is the way to go for this fight. This isn’t a random event and can be mastered to negate its effects.

Strength has some very tricky moves up its sleeve with a Distress all and charm all move at its disposal, take this one out as quickly as possible to win the battle. Since this boss deals pierce and striking damage bring a team that won’t get knocked down by these attacks.

The ideal lineout for this boss battle is pretty open for variety, the only player NOT to bring is Junpei due to his weakness against Wind, which Fortune can take advantage of with Garudyne.

If you can master the wheel of fortune and bring enough Dis-charms to take out Strength quickly this battle should be winnable in one go.

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