Persona 3 Portable Hermit Boss Guide – Level, Weakness & Tips

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As we head to the mid-point of Persona 3 Portable we have the latest Full Moon boss, the Hermit arcana. This may be one of the more straight forward bosses of the game but it’s one that has to be taken seriously. In this Hermit boss guide, I will be taking a look at boss level, player level, and providing other tips to win this battle.

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Hermit Boss Guide for Persona 3 Portable


The Hermit boss has no weakness to exploit. It nulls the impact of Light and Dark attacks and drains Electric attacks.


The hermit boss is a Level 39 with 3500 HP. You can come into this as a slightly lower level but I try to go in at 40 to make things easier.

Persona 3 Portable Recommended Full Moon Boss Levels


Akihiko resist electric attacks so he’s an important member to bring for this fight. The optimal lineup is MC, Akihiko, Shiniro, Mitsuru.

Mitsuru can double as a healer for this fight but also deals damage with her attacks.

As MC bring any persona that resists or is strong against Electric. A well-levelled Saki Mitama is a great choice as it resists electric attacks and can develop healing skills.

Bringing a Persona with Posumudi can deal with the Hermit’s poison attacks. Neutrifying Poison and Electric attacks will go a long way to beating this boss.

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