Persona 3 Portable Lovers Boss Guide – Level, Weaknesses & Tips

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The fourth full moon boss in Persona 3 Portable is the Lovers arcana shadow. This can one of the trickier fights in the game largely due to the boss’ ability to charm opponents and unleash a devastating heartbreaker attack, but is otherwise not too challenging. In this Lovers boss guide, I will be taking a look at boss level, player level, and providing other tips to win this battle.

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Lovers Boss Guide – Persona 3 Portable


Like a lot of Full Moon bosses the Lovers boss has no weaknesses. It completely nullifies Light and Dark attacks but is otherwise open to any attack.


The Lovers shadow is a Level 25 enemy. Just one more than the previous boss. Entering this fight anywhere from level 24-26 as a team should make it winnable. There’s no one character to focus on levelling up for this one but the stronger your whole team is the better.

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The optimal lineup is MC, Yukari, Junpei, and Akihiko. Junpei is strong against Fire which will help deal with the boss’s Maragion attack.

Equip accessories that can deal with Charm or stock up on potions that limit charm to make this fight easier.

As the MC try not to use a persona with a healing ability, if you get charmed you may end up healing the boss and setting the team back, let Yukari be the main healer instead.

If you’re lucky and/or pre-planing then you can make the Lovers boss infinitely easier by getting a heart item from a Level 24 Narcissus. This requires a fused Narcissus with a heart and getting to Level 24 but the item provided completely eradicates the effects of Charm and takes away the main weapon of this boss.

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