Persona 3 Portable Social Link Guide Male: Full List & How to Unlock

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Persona 3 Portable gives players the option between playing as a male main character, or a female main character. This makes some slight changes to the way the game pans out, especially the Social Links. In this Social link guide I will be focusing purely on the Male MC route, with another to come focusing specifically on the Female route.

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Social Link Guide (Male MC) Persona 3 Portable

  • The Magician – Kenji Tomochika: Kenji will approach you in class with the offer to hang out, spend time with him to start his social link on or after 4/22.
  • The Priestess – Fuuka Yamagishi: Fuuka requires Level 2 courage to begin this social link. Once that is achieved find her in Gekkoukan High on the second floor on or after 6/19.
  • The Empress – Mitsuru Kirijo: Mitsuru’s social link requires Level 6 intelligence before it begins. Once that is achieved she can be found in school beside the faculty office to start the social link on or after 11/2.
  • The Emperor – Hidetoshi Odagiri: Find him in the student council room on or after 5/6
  • The Hierophant – Bunkichi & Mitsuko: Bring them a leaf from the tree they mention in Gekkoukan High to unlock this social link. They can be found in their bookstore on or after 4/25
  • The Lovers – Yukari Takeba: Yukari needs Level 6 charm to unlock her social link. Once that is achieved she can be found in your classroom on or after 6/24
  • The Chariot – Kazushi Miyamoto: To meet Kazushi you must first join a sports club and then begin to speak to him in your classroom. This link unlocks on or after 4/23
  • The Justice – Chihiro Fushimi: Talk to Chihiro on three different days to unlock her social link on or after 5/28. Find her in the student council room.
  • The Hermit – Maya: Unlocks on or after 4/29 by playing the MMORPG in your room
  • The Fortune – Keisuke Hiraga: Keisuke is unlocked by joining a sports club but isn’t available to speak to outside your chosen club room until 6/17
  • The Strength – Yuko Nishiwaki: To unlock you must choose to walk Nishiwaki home during cutscenes in The Chariot rank. She is available from 4/28 onward
  • The Hanged Man – Maiko Oohashi: Unlock by purchasing a mad bull in your dorm and Weird Takoyaki from the mall. Then found at the shrine on or after 5/6
  • The Death – Pharos: Automatic story link
  • The Temperance – Andre Laurent Jean Geraux: Requires level 2 academics to unlock then can be found at the home ec room on or after 5/29
  • The Devil – President Tanaka: Requires Level 4 charm and three seperate donations totalling 40,000 yen at night. Can be found at the mall on or after 5/23
  • The Tower – Mutatsu: Unlocked after level 4 of the chariot and with level 4 courage. Found in Club Escapade.
  • The Star – Mamoru Hayase: Unlocked after 8/9 can be found in Iwatodai mall.
  • The Moon – Nozomi Suemitsu: Unlocked after 9/22 can be found in Paulownia mall.
  • The Sun – Akinari Kamiki: Unlocked by returning a pen to him on or after 8/8 and found at the Naganaki shrine.
  • The Judgement – Nyx Annihilation Team: Story-based link
  • The Aeon – Aigis: Available after 1/8 in classroom.

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