Sony at CES 2023: What Was Announced

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As part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony held a press conference that featured updates and announcements on multiple Sony products. We have a full rundown of what Sony announced during the conference.

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Sony at CES 2023: What Did They Announce? 

An Accessibility Controller is Coming 

An accessibility controller kit is in development for the PlayStation 5. The controller which is named “Project Leonardo” will give gamers with a disability an easier time playing games on the PlayStation 5. The controller aims to make the PlayStation experience easier and allow games with disabilities to play longer on the console. No release date or price for the unit has been released as of this writing.

PSVR 2 Updates 

Gran Turismo 7 will be getting support in PSVR 2. Gamers will be able to climb into the driver’s seat through PSVR and experience Gran Turismo in virtual reality. Anyone that owns a copy of Gran Turismo 7 will be able to download the VR update for free. The update will launch alongside the PSVR 2 on February 22nd.

The popular virtual reality game Beat Saber will also come to PSVR 2. No release date for Beat Saber on the PSVR 2 is available as of this writing.

Gran Turismo Movie 

Speaking of the hit PlayStation franchise, Sony gave gamers a glimpse of the Gran Turismo movie at CES 2023. The movie is set to hit theaters on August 11th and stars Orlando Bloom, David Harbour, and others. The trailer featured the signature Gran Turismo countdown sound and soundbites from the cast members.

PlayStation 5 Sales Figures 

The PlayStation 5 has surpassed 30 million units sold. Although the console had heavy inventory crunches during launch, Sony has still been able to sell a healthy amount of consoles since the launch in late 2020.

Sony at CES 2023: LWOG Viewpoint

Sony treated gamers to a few exciting announcements. Adding Gran Turismo to the PSVR lineup gives the accessory a boost as it is one of PlayStation’s longest-running and most successful franchises. Project Leonardo is an exciting announcement that will make the PlayStation 5 more accessible across the board.

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