FM23: Best Young Centre Midfielders

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After briefly going out of fashion the centre midfielder is back with a vengeance. Following the popularization of the 4-2-3-1 we saw more and more teams opt for specialists over versatile CMs but as the 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 have grown in stature, so too has the central midfield spot. In this article, I will be detailing the best young centre midfielders I encountered during my time with Football Manager 2023.

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Best Young Centre Midfielders in FM23

Cesare Casadei

The recent Chelsea signee is an absolute gem in FM23. His potential is sky-high and he comes into the game with good first touch, solid finishing, and solid passing. If you can pick up Casadei and protect him with some more defensive-minded midfielders then you may have the modern Cesc Fabregas at your disposal.

Jude Bellingham

Quite the obvious pick I know but it’s not a list of the best young centre midfielders without him. Bellingham is a prodigious talent who will likely move to one of the world’s biggest and best teams in the summer of 2023. To sign him in FM you’ll need to fend off the competition but he is worth every penny.


Barcelona’s youngster is primed to become one of the finest midfielders in the game before long. He and Pedri have already drawn comparisons to Xavi and Iniesta thanks to their technical ability. In FM23, Gavi could be a starter for almost every team and will develop into an elite passing player.

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Warren Zaire-Emery

PSG’s teenage prodigy is another fantastic addition to this list. He’s good at just about everything meaning you can train him to fit any role on the pitch over time. He’s already been turning heads with his displays on the pitch, now see what he can do for your team in FM.

Luka Susic

The Croat still has room to grow but he has all the physical and raw tools to become an excellent addition to any midfield. Despite some gaps in his game, he is a strong dribbler, a good passer, and has great speed/acceleration. Susic may need some TLC but his upside is immense.

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What do you make of our list of the best young centre midfielders in Football Manager 2023? Any ommissions?

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