Pokemon SV: Best Starting Team

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With how the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Pokemon SV) leaks have shaped out to be, we have soaked up a host of fantastic information. In the midst of such valuable info, we have managed to name some new Pokemon species trainers who will want to add to their team.

We’ll go through some of the best Pokemon to add to your team, in this informative leak cover!

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: New Additions to your team

We’ve got a great host of newly-found species on the horizon. With November 18 fast approaching, eager trainers are already naming some of their favourite designs. The starters have been in the spotlight for quite some time now, so many trainers have made their decision in advance.

But it is the starter’s final evolution the speculation has so far been rampant around. Whilst the typings make a significant change, many players will want to build their team around the grass, fire, or water titan in their group.

Starter Madness

Meowscarada – The final evolution to Sprigatito will maintain a dark typing, a really nice pairing with the grass type. It’ll easily rid many ghost types with brute-force dark moves and vanquish any water types too.

Skeledirge – Fuecoco’s final form will also maintain a brilliant Fire/Ghost typing, something which is bound to have opposing teams flip. Ghost moves are usually tricky – pair this with fire attacks and you’re set.

Quaquaval – This will be your Quaxly’s final appearance. It is water and fighting – two very fluid types. A host of moves will be available to you, which makes this pokemon vert flexible. Pick Quaxly for some great move combos.

Other Pokemon

Aside from your starter, you might want to take a look at some of the Pokemon you’ll find in the wild. Some of the best Pokemon can be found out in the open if you look more closely.

Smoliv – One of the very first Pokemon to be revealed, it has a great evolution family. Although its final form is yet to have a name, the type pairing looks to be Grass/Normal. Now grass types tend to grow in level very quickly, so could this be a great addition to your side?

Tinkaton – Whimsical Fairy/Steel pairing. This Pokemon will look to be one of the more popular choices among trainers in Paldea. The steely defence alongside some of the sharp Fairy moves could make battles a breeze!

Scovillain – A first for Pokemon! Scovillain is on our best Pokemon list thanks to one reason; Grass/Fire! This is a typing we have not seen before, and will make-do for many trainers wanting a shot.

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