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Cosplay is a key part of C2E2 which took over Chicago from August 5th-7th. Last Word on Gaming caught up with some cosplayers live from the show floor. Check out the three awesome cosplayers we talked to below and all of the Last Word on Gaming cosplay content here. Let’s dive into some C2E2 cosplay.

C2E2 Cosplay Interviews 

Rogue Heart Cosplay 

We welcomed back Rogue Heart Cosplay who has appeared in our Chicago Cosplay article and our Horizon Forbidden West cosplay article. She returned to talk about her Aloy costume, upcoming projects, and thoughts on Horizon Forbidden West. Catch up with her at the below links.

You can keep up with Rouge Heart Cosplay on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.


We also welcomed Sketches.Cosplays back to Last Word on Gaming, who was also a part of the Chicago Cosplay article. He talked about his Riddler costume and how he assembled it, interacted with others on the show floor, and Batman family cosplay. Catch up with him at the below links.

You can keep up with Sketches.Cosplays on Instagram and TikTok.

Poison Rose Cosplay

Closing out the C2E2 cosplay interviews is Poison Rose Cosplay to Last Word on Gaming for the first time. She talked about her Black Canary costume, her schedule at the con, future projects, future cons, and her other work as a concert photographer. Catch up with her at the below links.

You can keep up with Poison Rose Cosplay on Instagram, and see her concert photos here.

Thanks for checking out our C2E2 cosplay coverage. Stay tuned to Last Word on Gaming for more cosplay content from Chicago and beyond!

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Dominic P (Editor)
Dominic P (Editor)
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