Action Platformer B.I.O.T.A. Steam and iOS

2D metroidvania action-platformer B.I.O.T.A. will be released on Steam and GOG on 12 April 2022.

April 12th Release for Action Platformer B.I.O.T.A.on Steam and GOG

Retro Charm

The game mixes the charm of retro games (including two-pixel breathing animations) with the modern-day convenience of full controller support, saving anywhere, and even customizing the visuals with 54 swappable color palettes, so it can resemble what you feel is truly retro.

Action Platformer B.I.O.T.A.
2D retro metroidvania comes to Steam April 12th

We recommend it
Are you a retro fan? Let us know your thoughts.x
to everyone who enjoys the retro vibe of 8-bit consoles and the first PCs from the early 90s’.

Key Features

  • 54 unique 4-color palettes to swap
  • 8 playable characters to unlock and upgrade
  • Story campaign with two endings
  • Arcade levels where you control a submarine, destroy enemies in a powerful mech and chase starships in outer space
  • Additional time trials and target shooting game modes
  • Retro fun with modern-day convenience
  • Energizing chiptune-synthwave soundtrack

    Action Adventure B.I.O.T.A Steam and GOG
    Pixel joy in 2D has a certain charm

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Love the retro pixel look of this game.

Bog Daddy
We recommend it" Read more »

I love retro and this looks great. Can’t wait to try it out.