Puzzle Quest 3 Released for PC and Mobile Alongside A Trailer

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Puzzle Quest 3 has officially released for the PC and Mobile App stores according to Game Rant contributor Clayton Sterling Cyre. The sequel, which is ten years in the making, also received a new launch trailer to go side by side with the release. Infinity Plus Two was acquired by 505 Games last year and gamers wondered if this might cause changes to the series style. Puzzle Quest 3 on Steam, Google Play, and the Mobile App store will receive live updates and content continuously. The series plays similar to the classic Tetris with gamers able to choose between five hero classes at this current time. Players who try the early release within a month will receive in-game rewards to help them complete quests alone or with others.

Puzzle Quest 3 Released By Infinity Plus Two For Mobile and Steam

What Does the Trailer Show?

Players battle enemies by initiating attacks after matching similar blocks together. Different classes are shown at the disposal of the gamers, adding to replayability and gameplay style. The attacks are named and animated on the screen along with the characters and enemies. Items are shown within the battles to aid players against mighty foes. Animated cutscenes are present to really drive home the RPG element of Puzzle Quest 3. The graphics are completely 3D and dialogue choices are shown to be important in determining the branching story.

Be a Solitary Hero or Save The Day With Your Buddies?

The unique aspect of this sequel is the multiplayer, Kingdom Alliance option. Players can work together to achieve goals or choose the option of PvP matches. These options give games longevity and extend playability past simple single-player quests.

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