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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game so good it has managed to convert even long-time Pokemon haters, it is also a game jam-packed with stuff to do.  The main aim of the game is to complete missions for Galaxy Team in order to prove your worth to the community. One such mission is to defeat a frenzied Electrode, as I have done in the past with Kleavor and Arcanine, I have put together a guide on how to beat Electrode.

As well as boss fight guides I have put together guides on completing various requests like Playing with Drifloon if you need some more help with the game.

How to Beat Electrode Walkthrough


Before I went in to fight Electrode, Melli decided to be useful for once and warned me to not stop moving or Electrode would get me. At first I didn’t take much notice of him and assumed it was some exaggerated advice to remind me that a dodge mechanic exists. As it turns out, Melli wasn’t lying. Unlike other bosses who left numerous openings for me to attack with balms, Electrode nonstop sent attacks my way.

The balls of electricity that followed me made it basically impossible to get a moment alone to attack with balms during the open gameplay. Thankfully these balls are easily avoided if Melli’s advice is heeded.

I was also faced with orbs popping up from the ground attempting to electrocute me. With these, I would recommend avoiding the temptation to dodge roll around the level. You never know when one will suddenly pop up in your path and there’s very little you can do to avoid taking damage in that case, just keep the camera moving and keep walking to avoid these attacks.

Avoiding Electrode’s big attack is the easiest as I just made my way to the edge of its range and dodged as the attack was launched. Avoiding this attack leaves Electrode open for battle and that is where the fun starts.

Battling Electrode

Like a lot of Nobles, Electrode is very powerful and will wreak havoc on even the best made team. The best way to beat Electrode here is to make sure you have enough Pokemon to exploit its weaknesses. It is weak to fire, ice, poison, and bug-type attacks, I tend to keep a Psyduck on my team at all times and if you have a leveled up one on your team it can be taught Ice-type attacks.

I would keep some Revive’s and potions on hand just in case but getting a team of Pokemon that can get Super Effective attacks is essential. Thankfully the lead-up to battling Electrode has some Pokemon like Toxicroak who can fill out your team with Poisonous attacks.

If you can keep your team alive and follow my advice to not get hit then you should be able to beat Electrode in no time.

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