Pokemon Legends Arceus: (Request 7) Playing With Drifloon Guide

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game jam-packed full of things to do. On top of battling, researching, preserving peace, and looking stylish, you will also be tasked with doing a number of requests for various villagers and people you meet along the way.  One such request that has been stumping folks is the Playing with Drifloon request so let’s take a walk through how to fulfill this one.

Playing With Drifloon Walkthrough

What’s The Request

The player is specifically tasked with investigating a story that a young villager was seen playing with a Drifloon on Prelude Beach in the Evening time.  The Key terms there are prelude beach, and evening time. Let’s further break down why.

Where is Prelude Beach?

Pokemon Legends Arceus generally does a great job of marking everything on your map, one thing that isn’t marked however, is prelude beach.  This can lead to some confusion regarding where you’re supposed to go to fulfill the request. As you’ll see marked by the flag pin on the photo below Prelude beach is a clever nod to the beach you originally wash up on at the southern point of the village.

Screenshot from Pokemon Legends Arceus showing a flag on Prelude Beach
Prelude Beach lies to the South-West of the town


Now that you know where prelude beach is the next important point is that this can only be accomplished in the Evening.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to go to bed and select to rest until the evening, when you wake up your map should now display a marker on Prelude Beach showing you where to go to find Drifloon.

Will I Need to Battle to Finish Playing With Drifloon?

Thankfully your Pokemon can get a rest for this request.  While at one point I did think there was going to be a battle it was a false alarm and the kindly Drifloon left without any fuss.

And there you have it.  Once you report back to the officer that made the request initially you will have completed Request number 7, Playing With Drifloon.

We have also completed a guide for request 20, The Mysterious Will-O’-The-Wisp for anyone who needs help figuring it out.



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