Three New Colourful Indie Gems Announced This Valentine’s Day on Yogscast

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Triheart Studio, ReadGraves Games, and Foggy Box Games today announced their new titles coming in the next year, revealed exclusively during the first-ever Yogscast Games Direct live on YouTube. Yogscast Games Direct gave viewers a first look at a fascinatingly varied mix of genres, as well as a new Free Build update for indie hit Landlord’s Super.

From the luminous-tinged bartending VR Startenders to the deeply dark philosophical narrative of Trolley Problem, Incand the mish-mash genre golf game that is GolfieYogscast Games’ lineup for the next three months promises compelling gameplay and quality experiences for all kinds of gamers.

Games Announced at Yogscast

Golfie is a run-based roguelike mini-golf deck builder where players make their way through procedurally generated levels, building a deck of crazy abilities to try to beat 18 holes. From floating islands to dungeons, no two runs are the same. Play alone or with your friends in this innovative clash of golf genres.

Trolley Problem, Inc.
Trolley Problem, Inc. is thought-provoking new narrative adventure game from the executive producer of Gang Beasts based on the philosophical Trolley Problem, coming to PC in April 2022. Players will make tough choices and ponder life-and-death dilemmas across 55 ethical quandaries – and compare their decisions to the rest of the world.

Startenders is a VR bartending experience heading to Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR on March 17, 2022, with PS VR2 and PC VR versions planned for a later date. An immersive arcade-style game with narrative elements, Startenders puts players behind the bar to mix cocktails for a galaxy of patrons from across the universe.

Landlord’s Super (Free Build Update)
Developer MinskWorks today launched their new Free Build Update for Landlord’s Super, the quintessential construction simulator currently in Early Access. This latest update adds a number of new features including a housing market, staircases, curtains, improved visuals and many bug fixes. To celebrate the Free Build update, Landlord’s Super is currently 20% off on Steam.

To celebrate the first Yogscast Direct, catch the Yogscast Steam Sale event on Steam here.

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