Zelda-style RPG ‘Ocean’s Heart’ is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

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If you’re a Zelda fan, you won’t want to miss Ocean’s Heart! This pixel-art action RPG is a love letter to the genre, and it’s well worth a try if you fancy a trip down memory lane.

What is Ocean’s Heart?


Created by American solo developer Max Mraz and published by Nordcurrent, Ocean’s Heart is a homage to top-down RPGs, with plenty of modern twists to keep things interesting.

The story follows Tilia, a woman on a mission to find her missing father. You can explore a beautiful pixel-art world, with mountain peaks, marshes, and forests, as you continue on Tilia’s quest.

Combining very familiar RPG elements with side quests and mysteries, you can gather items to make potions and use bows and swords, or just enjoy exploring the landscape. Plus, there are hidden objects to find and challenging enemies to conquer, with an action-packed storyline.

Andrius Mackevičius, Publishing Team Lead at Nordcurrent, says: ‘Ocean’s Heart is a love letter to its genre, a nostalgic trip back in time offering hours of exciting top-down roleplaying action, an engaging story crafted with clever humor, and a beautiful pixel art aesthetic.’

Packed with adventure and humour, Ocean’s Heart is one to watch if you want a new RPG to get stuck into!

Where Can I Get It?

If you’re interested, you can check out Ocean’s Heart on the Nintendo Switch store (America and Europe), or you can follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Plus, we’d recommend checking out previous games by Max Mraz on Itch.io. His retro Zelda-style tribute to Bloodborne is definitely worth a try!

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