Pokemon Legends Arceus: (Request 20) The Mysterious Will-O’-The-Wisp Guide

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game jam-packed full of things to do. On top of battling, researching, preserving peace, and looking stylish, you will also be tasked with doing a number of requests for various villagers and people you meet along the way.  One such request that has been stumping folks is request number 20 The Mysterious Will-O’-The-Wisp so let’s take a walk through how to fulfill this one.

The Mysterious Will-O’-The-Wisp Walkthrough

What’s the Request

A villager is convinced that they have seen a red will-o’-the-wisp, which are typically blue, and needs your help to locate the red wisp and take it to them so the villager can prove they weren’t lying. These wisps can only be seen at night which is the key part of the request.

Where Is the Wisp?

You may wonder why there’s no marker on your map for completing this mission.  That is because this mission only activates at night. If you go home or rest in a camp until nightfall you will find a new marker pop up on your map just to the left of Nature’s Pantry.

A map showing Nature's Pantry
Nature’s Pantry Located Near Heights Camp

Will I Need to Battle to Finish the Mysterious Will-O’-The-Wisp?

Indeed you will.  When you arrive at the correct spot you will realize that the red wisp was actually a Chimchar all along! As part of the request, you have to catch Chimchar to bring him back to the villager and show them the wisp. The best thing is to avoid hitting Chimchar with any super-effective moves just in case it leads to an accidental win, patience is the best approach to whittle away at Chimchar’s HP to get it low enough to catch with a Poke Ball.

Once Chimchar is caught show it to the villager and complete the request.

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