Demospree 2022 Will Stream 22 Demos of Games Set to Release in 2022

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For its second year in a row, Demospree will feature game demos set to release later in the year, played by a different streamer every hour. Each demo will be played for 20 minutes, just enough time to give viewers a glimpse of what we can expect for the coming year.

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Demospree 2022 Kicks Off Year in Big Way

Check out the Demospree trailer here:

Featured Games

Some of the games we’ll feature include:

Tunic (Andrew Shouldice / Finji)

Everdream Valley (Mooneaters / VARSAV Game Studio)

Townseek (Whales and Games)

Exhausted Man (Candleman Games)

Overmorrow (PixelManta)

Aveliana (The French Dev)

Bun (Erik Slatter / Coffee Break Creative)

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist (Northway Games / Finji)

Neko Ghost, Jump! (Burgos Games)

World Turtles (cOg Mission)

One Day More (Watt Studio))

Blacken Slash (ehmprah)

Twitch streamers include SeriouslyClara, ReeRee, Adriosa, and TiffanyWitcher.

For 2021, the event featured 21 games played over 4 hours, but this time we’ll be playing each demo for 20 minutes, going over 7 hours in total.

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For more information about the event and demos, visit

Demospree 2022 promises to be a fun time as a variety of streamers showcase upcoming releases in the gaming world.  This edition’s variety of games should have something for everyone, something that has become a real strength of the indie gaming scene over the past couple of year.  No matter the console, or genre, chances are there’s an indie game that you will enjoy, and something like Demospree goes a long way to giving these kinds of games a wider spotlight while also benefitting gaming streamers on the competitive Twitch scene.

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This is Demospree’s second year, and they’ve increased the number of games and the streamers this time around. Last time, they featured games like Chicory, Unpacking, NUTS, Omno, and Dorfromantik, which went on to make some waves in 2021 and even made some of our own lists spotlighting indie games.



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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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