The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition Gets Winter Update

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Developer SNK has announced that the popular game The King of Fighters ’98 will be getting a major Steam update, adding some exciting new features the community has been waiting for. Fans can check out the Community Beta Test from November 30th to December 4th if they want to get involved.

The King of Fighters ’98 Gets Major Steam Update

Steaming Ahead

Announced at IgroMir (Russia’s largest gaming event), The King of Fighters ’98 update is exciting news for fans.

To get technical, one of the most vital features of online matches in modern fighting games is the rollback netcode. This makes online matches more precise, reducing delays caused by latency. The update swaps the original netcode with a state-of-the-art netcode by Code Mystics.

The update also includes online lobbies offering more than 1 v 1 matches. Players will be able to host or join larger rooms with multiple players, creating bigger and exciting online battles. Hosts can choose the settings, creating exciting, unique matches between more players. Don’t want to play? You can watch your friends using spectator mode instead.

Fans can join in with the Community Beta Test (CBT). This will enable the devs to collect vital player feedback. If you’re a fan of The King of Fighters ’98, now is the time to get involved – your feedback could make the game better.

The CBT runs from November 30th (2am CET) to December 4th (2am CET), allowing players to check out the new lobbies and spectator features.

Play the Original Game Now on Steam

Don’t want to wait for the update? You can play the original game now on Steam. For more updates, follow SNK on Twitter. You can watch the IgroMir trailer here.



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