Lawn Mowing Simulator — Ancient Britain DLC Released for PC

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Lawn Mowing Simulator — Ancient Britain DLC has been officially released on Steam for PC players for £6.99 / €8.99 / $8.99. The DLC will also be made available for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass on both PC and Xbox Series X | S consoles on December 2. The base game will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass on the same day.

Lawn Mowing Simulator — Ancient Britain DLC New Features and Areas

Landscaping the British Countryside

The DLC brings new and exciting features to Curve Digital’s and Skyhook Games’ quintessential business management and simulator title. Ancient Britain brings four fresh fictional locations on the British countryside to mow, all inspired by real-life ancient heritage sites:

  • The Royal Stones – Here you will find quite a whimsical place, with two stone circles – their historical significance continues to be debated but one thing is for certain, they could use a tidy up! Using the tools at your disposal and the new string trimmers, it is your task to go around these ancient ruins and carefully tidy them up.
  • Druid’s Tor– Hidden in a quiet valley lie these ancient megaliths, forgotten by the modern world. Do your bit in bringing this site back to life!
  • The Ancient Aurochs– One of Britain’s oldest inns, this charming setting seems to be the perfect place to spend the day mowing.
  • Aurochs Hill– A fascinating site that is home to a Bronze-Age field painting. Set on a steep slope with an intricate cut pattern around the painting, this may be your toughest task yet. Be sure to go slow as any damage caused to this historic site will come with a heavy fine.

Landscapers rejoice as a highly requested tool was also added to the game. Players can now use String Trimmers, also known as a weed whacker, to carefully trim the edges of the lawn. It is especially essential to maneuver around awkward and irregular areas, removing unnecessary stress when dealing with your borders.

David Harper, Co-founder of Skyhook Games said;

“We’re so happy with the reception from players for Lawn Mowing Simulator since launch, and are excited to be able to share the new Ancient Britain DLC pack with fans to add some extra unique challenges showcasing historic and picturesque landmarks around the UK. We’ve also been listening closely to player feedback and at popular request also added brand new strimmer content in the latest update, available free today for all players.”



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