Bramble: The Mountain King Gameplay Trailer Released

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Swedish Game Developer Dimfrost Studio has released their first Bramble: The Mountain King Gameplay Trailer for the PC and Consoles. Following the game’s reveal at E3, the developer has increased anticipation with a showcase of game mechanics, characters, and various puzzles waiting to be solved. Bramble: The Mountain King is currently available to be wishlisted on Steam for 2022.

Bramble: The Mountain King Gameplay Trailer has been Revealed by Dimfrost Studio

What Can We Expect?

Journeying throughout the world of Bramble, players will be thrust into a Nordic style experience with themes of adventure, horror, and action. Encountering “David vs. Goliath” type battles, gamers will be tested in their ability to survive. With atmospheric environments, high-end graphics, and cinematic moments, there is something for everybody. A young boy and his sister must traverse a magical forest, encountering numerous creatures of Nordic mythology. Who will you be able to trust and who will present a threat to your survival?

Features for Bramble: The Mountain King include:

  1. Traveling the land of Bramble to find your lost sister and to uncover a dark curse
  2. Encountering and interacting with mythical creatures such as Gnomes and Trolls
  3. Experiencing a true Nordic-based experience
  4. Boss fights that are brought to life

LWOG’s Viewpoint on Dimfrost Studio’s Announcement

There are very few games that have truly captured the nordic aspect of mythology. This upcoming release presents a feeling of exploration and adventure while learning about what Nordic mythology is about. The switch from light to dark in the trailer is a beautiful transition and should represent the duality of what the protagonists will experience. Bramble: The Mountain King presents itself as an experience for all gamers, no matter if you prefer the story, puzzle-solving, or in-depth gameplay. With this being the developer’s second gaming creation, it’ll be interesting to see what a successful release brings next.



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