Cotton Fantasy Pre-Orders Available Winter 2021

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ININ Games has announced, in partnership with SUCCESS, that Cotton Fantasy Pre-Orders will begin November 13th for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and will include both a Limited and Collector’s Edition. The new title, which is for the West, will be released as Cotton: Rock ‘n’ Roll in Japan. Shipping of gaming orders is expected to begin around March 2022.

Cotton Fantasy Pre-Orders Will be Made Available for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Cotton Fantasy continues the series with new graphics and game mechanics, but with six lovable characters that gamers remember from the previous titles. 16 scrolling stages are available to play through with remastered music that will keep players jamming while trying to get that elusive high score. The game is fully voiced in Japanese with animated cutscenes.

The Limited Edition will have 3,000 Switch and 1,500 PS4 copies available at 39.99. The Collector’s Edition will have 2,000 Switch and 1,000 PS4 copies available at 109.99 and will include the following:

  1. Both the Switch and PS4 Game
  2. A Premium Collector’s Edition Box with Magnetic Clasp
  3. A Colorful Game Manual
  4. A Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  5. A Nata de Cotton Nendoroid Figure (Approx. 10cm)
  6. Yunomi Ceramic Japanese Tea Cup (230ML)
  7. A Hardcover Art Book (Din A5)
  8. A Large, 2-Sided Poster (Din A2)
  9. 8 Character Cards (Din A7)
  10. The Original Soundtrack on a CD
  11. A Metal Collector’s Coin
  12. A Rubber Keychain in Willow-Shape
  13. 2 Stickers

LWOG’s Opinion on the New Cotton Fantasy Game News

The Cotton series of games presents itself as a fun and light-hearted experience, with the newest release being no different. The style and design lends itself especially to anime fans who enjoy a break from the more serious lines of games out there. The Limited Edition is a good introduction for new fans to the series, while the Collector’s Edition not only is perfect for the hardcore but also gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The new game plus the Collector’s Edition are perfect ways to celebrate Cotton’s 30th Anniversary.

The trailer for the Limited and Collector’s Editions can be found here.



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