F1 2020 – Best Game From Last Year I Have Played This Year

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If one sport has caught my eye this year it has been the F1. The racing has been excellent, full of controversy, and surprise packages have been aplenty.

And this fascination made me want to watch some F1 2021, and I decided I wanted to give it a go myself except, at 60 quid, I didn’t want to buy a game that I wasn’t sure about yet.

F1 2020: The Best Game From The Last Year

MK to F1

I rarely play racing games, the last of which was Crash Team Racing on the PS4, although I am an excellent Mario Kart player so instead of getting F1 2021, me and my mate bought F1 2020 which I thought was a steal at around 15 quid on the PSN store and I was right.

F1 2020 isn’t just fun, it’s a perfect simulator of a real life sport. Considering I play FIFA, which is completely unrealistic, it was refreshing to play a game that felt so real and life-like.

If you’re terrible at racing sims as I am, you will enjoy the fun of watching your front wing fly past you as you bump into someone but to be honest, nothing beats the feeling of cutting inside and then outside on a straight as you overtake the driver in front.

So far I’ve done the F2 career which has helped me learn the tracks, before taking part in my first tournament against my mate.

Despite me crashing out of around 5 races of our 10 race tournament, winning Bahrain having qualified 1st was a gaming experience like no other as I felt in total control, outwitting my mate and the CPU with my tactics.

When you play other games, you can tend to lose your concentration and perhaps not play at peak performance all of the time. However, when you play F1, you need to be on it all the time.

Being 0.2 seconds off the lead is great until you lose focus for a moment and are sent spinning off the track (I’ve done this more than once but that’s all I’m saying!).

One of the highlights of my experience so far was when qualifying in P17, I had a lot of work to do with my mate in P1. I battled back hard and successfully made it up to P8 and achieved driver of the day and it feels so good, a real achievement. Eat your heart out Lewis Hamilton.

Would I But the New One?

I will often not enjoy games when I’m bad. F1 2020 however seems to have bucked the trend and once I finish a session I can’t wait to get back into it take on the next stages and new tracks. 

F1 2021 – Should I Stick or Twist?

The latest instalment is out now but do I trust EA though? It is hard to say to be honest. If it goes on sale I’ll definitely be tempted, but for now, I’ll keep enjoying my new favourite game and it is also now available on GamePass for Xbox and PC so there is no reason not to at least give it a try if you own Xbox and if not then get it now whilst the price is low on PlayStation!

Start Your Engines!



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