Battlefield 6 reveal date announced

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The hotly-anticipated next instalment in the Battlefield franchise is set to be revealed next week. In typical EA fashion, it will come just before the start of E3. The Expo will begin on June 12, but the Battlefield 6 reveal event will be on June 9. The event will begin at 7 AM PDT, 4 PM CEST, or 3 PM in the UK.

Battlefield 6 reveal coming June 9

Are You Ready?

The news broke via a tweet from the official Battlefield Twitter account:

There is some information to be gleaned from the video, but not much. It features the iconic bass sounds made popular by Battlefield 3 and 4. This suggests that the game will be returning to the modern era. This is backed up by previous leaks and rumours that stated that the franchise will be a modern shooter.

Everything depends on this

Battlefield as a franchise needs a win. The series has been dormant for the last three years, with the last release being the infamous Battlefield 5. That game flopped on release following a disastrous marketing campaign and a buggy launch. While 2016’s Battlefield 1 was a huge commercial success, it struggled with scheduling post-launch content and many players lost interest.

Both of these games were preceded by Hardline in 2015. While this was a spinoff centred around cops and robbers, it was also massively underwhelming. It failed to utilise the PS4 and Xbox One hardware, had a cliched campaign and a painfully average multiplayer component. Even the popular Battlefield 4 struggled for its first year due to one of gaming’s most botched launches.

If the series is to survive in a genre increasingly dominated by battle royales, it needs a smooth and successful launch and to hold its player base.



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