What We Want To See From The AEW Console Game


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With All Elite Wrestling throwing their hat in the ring and making their mark on professional wrestling video games all eyes are on what their inevitable console game will be like.  After years of the WWE 2K series letting most fans down with only Fire Pro Wrestling offering a break from the deluge of WWE titles fans are interested in what an AEW console game will be like.  In this article we will talk about some things we want to see from the game.

AEW Console Game: What We Need From The Game

Embrace Their Influences

Two of the main people involved with the development of this game are Aubrey Edwards, current AEW referee and former producer for the Scribblenauts series, and Kenny Omega, the current AEW World Champion and a noted video game fanatic.  Omega’s games of choice tend to lean towards RPG style games while Edwards has a decade of experience in the gaming industry. The best thing AEW Games can do is allow Edwards and Omega to put their stamp on the video game and bring together their unique visions.  While the temptation may be there for AEW to try and copy games of the past we think that the best thing they can do is put their own original stamp on the video gaming world and Omega and Edwards offer them the chance to do so.

Stick With The Unique Animations

In the very early teaser released for the AEW console game they showcased a unique style of animation.  The characters looked realistic enough but were still clearly animated and exaggerated in a way that makes them appear larger than life.  While only three wrestlers were showcased in the teaser they all looked great in a way that feels fresh.

Embrace The Fun

Also noted in the trailer was Hikaru Shida fighting with Kenny Omega, while All Elite Wrestling doesn’t allow wrestlers of different genders to compete with one another on their show it is a good hook for the video game that allows fans to play out major dream matches without any limits.  What AEW fan doesn’t want to play Riho vs Fenix, Nyla Rose vs Darby Allin, Dr. Britt Baker vs Dr. Luther, and a number of other matches that we will never get to see play out in real life.

As well as allowing for intergender wrestling the game should emphasise fun gameplay, the wrestling shown in the trailer was fluid and action packed and if they can translate that to the game then it will be an absolute blast to play through.  With such exaggerated character models they could also emphasise different traits like old SmackDown vs RAW games with powerhouses, high fliers, and brawlers having different strengths.

A Roster Packed With Outsiders

AEW has partnerships with a number of other professional wrestling promotions like Japan’s Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW) and Dramatic Dream Team (DDT), fellow Canadia based IMPACT Wrestling, and seems to have some connection currently to New Japan Pro Wrestling.  With these partnerships AEW could load up their roster with names from other promotions and allow fans to play as some of their favorite wrestlers from around the globe and play through inter-promotional dream matches.  While this may be a tough ask depending on when AEW hopes to release the game it would be a fun addition to the game if they can do it right that would help it stand out from any other wrestling game from the past.



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Alex Richards, Site Manager
Alex Richards, Site Manager
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