Call of Duty Warzone Season Two Brings Map Shift and New Meta

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It has been a couple of weeks since the release of Season Two for Call of Duty Warzone. It has brought lots of content for both the main game but also Warzone including a new battle pass which has gotten mixed reviews. Call of Duty Warzone has seen some slight changes that have been critical to the gameplay however.

Call of Duty Warzone Season Two

Map Changes

We need to start with the biggest change of them all. Season Two brought along a new location as well as a true change in some locations for the first time. Some have argued they should have started this months ago, however, it is better late than never.

In a bold new strategy, Zombies has been started to mix with Warzone. Call of Duty released an outbreak event, but that is separate. However, in the actual battle royal, there is a new location named shipwrecked. Here, you can activate zombies to kill and they will give rewards for killing them all. The challenge is that the BR is still going on around you. So a team can pull up and kill you at any time. However, it’s an intriguing new addition. It doesn’t change the game too much but adds a different touch.

This also is the rumoured way the map will be changing for good too. Some rumours have suggested that Verdansk as we know it will be nuked completely, and a new map will be made. The new bunker locations with nukes in them that you can explore would back that theory up. Regardless, it’s just nice to have some change for once.

New Meta

Speaking of change, a new meta appears to be upon us. Now, it is nowhere near as bad as the DMR meta that forced players out of the game for weeks on end. Adapt or die was that motto. Instead, a few select guns have taken over, but they’re not so overpowered you can’t use anything else.

The first of these guns would be the AUG. The Black Ops AUG to be specific. It’s a three-round burst tactical rifle that has a decent fire rate and little recoil. Get this past level 30 and it’s very easy to melt from range. It’s a two or three burst, sometimes four if you’re very far away or some of the bullets miss. However, with a clip of up to 54 rounds, you can sit and fire away pretty comfortably. Another gun that is seemingly becoming more popular is the AMAX as well. This is less from range but feels more like a modern M13 or Kilo instead.

For backups, the MAC-10 is finally being challenged too. The FFAR can be built to melt players within seconds from close range, making it an extremely efficient backup to say a sniper. The biggest drawback of this gun would be its recoil meaning that learning how to control that is key for anyone wanting to use it.

Gulag Change

A very quick note but extremely important, the biggest thing they may have done was fixed the Gulag. Previously, one side ruled all. There was a sign and if you peaked it first, you won. If the sign wasn’t peaked right away, all the player had to do was move behind the car sitting there and they were near impossible to kill. The car blocked 75% of bullets and forcing someone out by camping was the most common option. Not exactly fun…

Now, they’ve made it so you can’t peak and kill within seconds. They have also taken the car away so it is less overpowered. Because of it, the better players feel like they win Gulag more often, and that’s how it should be. They still need to remove flashes and stuns, though.


So far, Season Two has been enjoyable, but maybe a letdown for some. There certainly haven’t been massive changes like we have seen at times, but it’s still a pretty enjoyable game. More appears to be on the way, which should keep things exciting.

The changes have been nice, and a new meta is always welcomed. Especially since snipers can still match the AUG with ease. It’s not a case where you have to use it or else you can’t compete. More options are a great thing, and that’s what has been provided so far.



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