Animal Crossing’s BAFTA Nominations Further Proof of Huge Success for New Horizons

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Animal Crossings’ BAFTA nominations, all five of them, are a further feather in Nintendo and Tom Nook’s cap following a stellar year for the life sim game on Nintendo Switch. (Initial Report: Nintendo Life)

More Potential Success Following Animal Crossing’s BAFTA Nominations

Five Nominations for New Horizons

31 million copies and counting sold, the 15th best selling video game of all time and now five BAFTA Game Awards nominations for Animal Crossing:New Horizons are further proof that this is a game that continues to just get better and better and is coveted across the gaming world. Whilst the Game Awards are filled with numerous PlayStation exclusives such as The Last of US Part II, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing is well placed to win itself a gong or two.

The categories that ACNH has been nominated in are: Best Game, Family (naturally), Game Beyond Entertainment, Game Design and multiplayer. The game is also up for the EE Game of the Year award.

Chances of Victory

Up against stiff competition, ACNH is not going to win all five categories that is for sure. The one category that I think the game is going to win is the family game of the year award. During lockdown it is a game that has kept people connected, brought new friendships and been played by people of all ages and for that reason it should grab the award and it would be very much deserved.

It might have a good run at Best Game but it is hard to realistically see beyond the LOUP2 picking up that’s award. As for the multiplayer award, ACNH is not going to win that award in my book. Yes people can pop over to friends islands but it still fails to be a truly enjoyable experience due to the awful chat app that Nintendo insist on still peddling. It is nonsense in 2021 to be using an archaic mobile phone app to chat with friends but Nintendo are showing little sign of changing that which is a shame for gamers everywhere.

The Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

Animal Crossing’s BAFTA nominations should deliver at least one well deserved award for the game and Nintendo. With the new generation of consoles out in the wild, albeit on a limited basis due to ridiculous stock shortages, it is testament to Nintendo’s mantra of making games for all that they have received five nominations. Nintendo games are accessible and no game better demonstrates this fact than ACNH. Beautiful visuals, some great music and plenty of updates mean that this is a game that will continue to sell, continue to be played and is deserving of adding a BAFTA winner or winners awards to its name!

Last Word on Gaming will bring you all of the results on 25th March. Good luck ACNH!



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