PS5 System Update is Out Now

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The latest PS5 firmware update is out now. This is update 20.02.-02.30.00 and can be downloaded and installed when you next log into your shiny new console.

PS5 System Update

Improvements Brought by New PS5 System Update

New systems can be unstable at launch as gamers log in and any little kinks and errors come to light. Some PS5 owners have reported that the console will crash and the new patch is intended to fix that issue. This happened when using the systems’ rest mode but is now hopefully a thing of the past.

PS4 Game Download Issues Resolved

One of the biggest frustrations for new PS5 owners has been when it came to downloading already owned PS4 titles. Games would start to download but then suddenly be cancelled. Restarting the process alleviated the issue in some cases but it was far from ideal.

Another issue relating to PS4 games was raised when it came to trying to input text. The text would come up with anything but what you had put into the system but the new firmware patch should resolve this issue also.

Wi Fi Issues

The very last thing any gamer needs in the modern age is a console that has issues with connecting to Wi Fi routers. There have been several reports of a lack of stability with the PS5 connecting and thankfully this is now resolved with the new patch.

All new systems have their glitches and patches are now commonplace and this early patch will be welcome to PS5 gamers everywhere.



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Matt Jarvis
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