FM24 Best Tactics to Score Goals Guide

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In all my time playing Football Manager 2024, I’ve had one aim; score goals. Trying to be compact and defensive is essentially a waste of time in this year’s game so I’ve instead focused on overwhelming opposition defenses and putting them under siege. In this FM24 Best tactics to score guide, I will be sharing the one system that I used to smash goals past Ligue 1 defences with AS Monaco.

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FM24 Best Tactics to Score Goals Walkthrough

This tactic is a different take on a Control Possession system with FM describing it as Very Attacking 4-3-3 DM/WB. I’ll discuss how to move players around to get this system set up before diving into the nitty gritty.

Tactical Setup

Start with a standard 4-3-3 with a DM and 2 midfielders ahead. Move the two wingers in to strikers and push the full backs up to be permanent wing backs, it should look like you’re playing a Back 2 with only 2 CBs left back with a DM ahead of them.

Despite FM’s description of 4-3-3 it should look more like a 2-3-2-3.

Player Roles

The Central striker should be set to a Poacher to take advantage of any gaps in the defense.

To striker on the left is set to Trequarista

The striker on the right is a Deep Lying Forward.

Both central midfielders are Box-to-Box while the DM is set to an Anchor, this will allow your midfield to cover space with a DM who will sit back and prevent counters when possible.

The Wing Backs unsurprisingly get set to Wing Back attacking roles, both CBs are ball playing stoppers, while the goalkeeper is an attacking Sweeper Keeper.

Mentality and Settings

I use a Very attacking mentality, this tells the team to play high and recyle the ball while piling forward to try and score.

In Possession

Attacking Width is Wide, overlap on both sides, focus on wings, and play out of defense.

Passing Directness is More Direct and Tempo is Much Higher.

Mixed Crosses with the team set to Work Ball Into Box and Run at Defense on.

In Transition

Counter Press and Counter are on, Distribute quickly to the full-backs and take short kicks.

Out of Possession

No surprises here as it is a High press and Much Higher line. Trigger press Much More Often, get stuck in, and step up more are also on.

Does it Work?

Despite needing a few matches in Ligue 1 to tweak this tactic and get it hitting, my Monaco team scored 109 goals in a 34 match season. The closest goalscorers were PST with 89, a full 30 less than my tactic which wasn’t even fully optimised until the 5th or 6th league outing.

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That is all for this FM24 Best Tactics to Score Goals guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other FM24 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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