Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Achievements Guide

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This Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Achievements guide will detail how to 100% the game on Steam by completing all of the tasks. This is only for the completionists but can be fun for some who enjoy the grind of fully completing a game. Frontiers of Pandora has released on Steam to a mixed reception despite being backed by Ubisoft.

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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Achievements Walkthrough

  • First Strike – Complete the Becoming quest
  • Apprentice Crafter – Craft a weapon or gear with Superior Rarity or higher
  • Talk to the Ancestors – Unlock 3 ancestor skills
  • Aranahe Alliance – Complete Pushing Back
  • Cooking Pot Pro – Unlock 3 speciality dish recipes
  • Wildlife Expert – Unlock 20 Hunter’s Guide entries for wildlife
  • Great Gatherer – Unlock 30 Hunter’s Guide entries for plants
  • Becoming Na’vi – Unlock 3 skills in each skill tree
  • Full Bloom – Touch 20 Bellsprings
  • Stronger Together – Complete The Combined Forces
  • Hit them Where it Hurts – Beat 5 RDA Outposts
  • Little by Little – Beat 10 RDA instillations
  • Clearing the Mist – Complete Revelations
  • Peak Performance – Unlock any Apex Skill
  • Our Reclamation – Complete the main story
  • Eco Warrior – Complete Rising Pressure
  • No Easy Pray – Defeat a non-feral Thanator
  • Sprouting Potential – Touch 20 Tarsyu saplings
  • Reclaim Pandora – Reach air quality level of 100%
  • Kinglor Carer – Complete Steady Wings side mission
  • Data Retriever – Complete every recon retrieval
  • Tethered Kites – Collect every windswept kite
  • In Harmony – Tune all Aeloian Wind Flutes
  • Vision of the Ancestors – Complete all Sarentu totem interactions
  • Doll Collector – Collect Eveey windswept doll
  • Story Guardian – Collect 30 notes
  • Father and Son in the Stars – Complete all treasure hunt comics
  • Mushroom Navigator – Complete 10 Mycelium Network activities
  • Fleet-Footed – Follow all the bladewing moths to a nest
  • One with the Clans – Complete part 3 of the Aranahe, Zeswa, and Kame’tire communities side quests
  • A Good Listener – Collect 30 audio logs.

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That is all for this Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Achievements Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Avatar content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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