Nine Sols Achievement Guide

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This Nine Sols Achievement Guide will explain how to 100% the title on Steam by completing every task needed. Nine Sols is an action, roguelike, 2D platformer that has been a hit over on Steam.

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Nine Sols Achievement Walkthrough

  • My Revenge Starts Here – Defeat Baichang
  • Im Coming for you, old friend – Defeat Yingzhao
  • Reap What you Sow – Defeat Goumang
  • You Should Respect Your Elders – Defeat Yanlao
  • Jail Break – Escape from Prison
  • Do Re Mi So La – Solve the mystery of Daybreak Tower’s music sheet
  • No Pain, No Gain – Defeat Jiequan
  • The Cavalry’s Here – Rescued the people of Peach Blossom Village
  • Wake up From my Sin – Defeat Lady Ethereal
  • Gimme Gimme – Establish a deep relationship with Shuanshuan
  • Fight Dirty – Use the Gene Eradicator to fight Jiequan
  • Stonks! – Recycle Shuanshuan’s coin
  • Come, Sweet Death – Defeat Ji
  • You Bastard – Obtain map data from Shanhai 9000
  • Magical Bean – Help Shuanshuan unlock the true potential of agriculture
  • Across Time and Space – Bid Farewell to Lear
  • One Man Army – Defeat every optional miniboss
  • Well prepared – Collect every Jade
  • We have each other – Defeat Nuwa and Fuxi
  • Evolution – Discover a Tremendous Secret
  • I’m Yi, I have a drinking problem – Drink all the wine brewed by Shennong
  • Blessed Messages – Discover the message board for blessings after leaving New Kunlun’s Village
  • Learned from the Best – Defeat Eigong
  • Found You – Help Shanhai 9000 find Chien
  • Passing on the Torch – Help Shennong become the leader of Peach Blossom Village
  • The Warrior Within – Master all Skills
  • Fight through hardship – Finish the game on standard mode
  • My Most Trusted Friend – Max out ammo on the Azure Bow and get Shadow Hunter X, Thunder Buster X, and Cloud Piercer X
  • Home Sweet Home – Return to Solarian’s home world
  • Repurposed – Used the fortune teller machine
  • Treasure Hunter – Find all resources marked by Shanhai 9000
  • Robo Fight – Defeat Tianshou while driving a robot
  • Rest for the Wicked – Help Chiyou bring peace to Xingtian
  • Shooting Star – Witness the end of New Kunlun
  • What have you done?! – Break Shuanshuan’s clay pot

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That is all for this Nine Sols Achievement Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Nine Sols content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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