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This Songs of Conquest Achievements guide will aid you in 100% completing the game by running down all of the extra tasks the game asks of the player. Songs of Conquest has made the jump to a full release over on Steam to a fairly positive reception.

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Songs of Conquest Achievements List

  • Adept – Reach Level 8 with a wielder
  • Double Kill – Win two battles on the same turn with the same wielder
  • Veteran – Reach Level 16
  • Critical Hit – Deal 500 damage or more with one attack
  • Dressed for success – Equip an artifact in each available slot for one Wielder
  • Humiliation – Win a battle before letting the enemy get a turn
  • The song of Stoutheart – Complete all Arleon campaign maps on any difficulty
  • Multi Kill – Win three battles on the same turn with the same wielder
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici – Win siege battle as attacker
  • Sorcerous Spree – Cast five spells on the same troop turn
  • Master – Reach Level 24
  • Landlord Extraordinaire – Max out a town in a non-campaign game meaning walls, tier 5, and upgraded buildings on all sites
  • Whoops! – Have your troop die from a quick retaliation
  • From the Ashes – Complete all Rana campaign maps on any difficulty
  • Death to Diplomacy – Complete the last Arleon Campaign Map on overwhelming difficulty
  • This Spot’s Taken – Block an enemy troop from burrowing up
  • Trojan Horse – Use a teleport spell to get on top or behind the walls during a town siege
  • Don’t Touch My Stuff – Reclaim your town that is being occupied by an enemy
  • Expert Essence Employment – Win a battle without attacking
  • Ultra Kill – Win four battles on the same turn with the same wielder
  • Together for Her – Complete all Loth Campaign Maps on any difficulty
  • Pyrrhic Victory – Win a battle with only a single unit left standing
  • Cleave – Kill three enemies with one sweeping attack
  • Internal Influence – Make enemy kill ally with Blind Hatred
  • Grand Master – Reach Level 32
  • Deepstrike – Use Dimensional Door to position your troop in three or more Zones of Control
  • Get Over Here! – Swap enemy troops into Acid Cloud
  • Such a Fungi – Use Repel to push an enemy troop into three explosive fungi
  • The Marsh Expands – Complete the last Rana campaign map on Overwhelming Difficulty
  • Venisti, Vidisti, Peridisti – Win siege battle as a defender
  • Killing Spree – Win six battles in a row on the same turn
  • Versatile Wielder – Cast every spell
  • An Empress’s Hope – Complete the last Loth campaign map on overwhelming difficulty
  • Barbecue – Kill three enemies with one flame attack
  • Unlimited Power! – Kill three enemies using chain lightning
  • Fully Charged – Have ten or more Charged buffs on a troop
  • In the thick of it – Have three or more Front Line Fighter buffs on a troop
  • Attack Bonanza – Have a troop perform six attacks in a turn
  • Coming Through! – Trigger three Attacks of Opportunity in a single Bull Rush
  • Bringer of Ruin – Cast five apocalypse spells on the same troop’s turn
  • Death from Above – Kill three enemies using Breath of the Phoenix
  • Oops! – Have enemy kill one of your own troops with Blind Hatred
  • Hello There – Burrow up next to three or more ranged enemies
  • Kneel, Peasant – Win 25 times on non-campaign maps with Arleon
  • The Price of Freedom – Complete all Barya campaign maps on any difficulty
  • A Life’s Worth – Complete the last Barya campaign map on overwhelming difficulty
  • Die by the Bow – Kill 100,000 enemies using ranged attacks
  • Die by the Staff – Kill 100,000 enemies using magic attacks
  • Die by the Sword – Kill 100,000 enemies using melee attacks
  • Full House – Win a battle using each of the official wielders
  • Proof that Luck can be consistent – Win 25 multiplayer games
  • Contractually Obligated to Win – Win 25 times on non-campaign maps in Barya
  • I Like it a Loth – Win 25 times on non-campaign maps in Loth
  • Here be Dragons – Win 25 times on non-campaign maps with Rana

That is all for this Songs of Conquest Achievements guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Songs of Conquest content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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