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This Fabledom Romance guide will look at the romancing options in the game, their preferred gifts, and what benefits you gain from marrying them as each one provides a different buff. The relaxing city builder has been available to play but it has just made the move to a full release over on Steam and is no longer an Early Access title. This move has been met with positive feedback from fans.

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Fabledom Romance Options, Gifts & More

Romancing Options

There are 6 different rulers you can marry in Fabledom. 3 are princes, and 3 are princesses. Regardless of your chosen gender to start the game you can marry any of the size available bachelors:

  • Agnes, Harvest Princess
  • Farrah, Tinker Princess
  • Giovanni, Merchant Prince
  • Ramone, Bard Prince
  • Sir Payne, Dark Knight
  • Winifred, Warrior Princess

Agnes Gift & True Love Gift

  • Preferred Gift: Vegetables
  • True Love Gift: Provides +5 Nobility for ever 20 days of food you have at the start of the year

Farrah Gift & True Love Gift

  • Preferred Gift: Planks
  • True Love Gift: Buildings produce a resource 20% faster when you have less than 50 of it stored

Giovanni Gift & True Love Gift

  • Preferred Gift: Coins
  • True Love Gift: Spending 1000+ coins triggers a positive world event

Ramone Gift & True Love Gift

  • Preferred Gift: Grain
  • True Love Gift: Maximum happiness becomes 200, productivity bonus scales with it

Sir Payne Gift & True Love Gift

  • Preferred Gift: Coal
  • True Love Gift: Enemy deaths reward you with coins based on their strength level
  • Winifred Gift & True Love Gift

    • Preferred Gift: Coal
    • True Love Gift: Soldier training time cut in half and doubles XP gain for your hero

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That is all for this Fabledom Romance guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Fabledom content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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