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Following Football Manager 24’s massive Winter Update the game has (literally) changed. New transfer updates as well as new attributes mean a host of new wonderkids with some old favourites falling out of favour and new talents emerging. In this article, I will be looking squarely at new right back wonderkids for you to sign based on the changes for update 24.3.

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Top 5 New Right Back Wonderkids in FM24 Winter Update

Tommaso Barbieri

Juventus have a solid core of young talents with a right-back prospect emerging from the newest update. Barbieri is a late bloomer at 20 and is more of a technical full-back than someone you’ll find bombing up and down the wings.

Noa Mikic

Croatia’s golden generation of defenders added a right back to the mix with Dinamo Zagreb’s Noa Mikic bursting onto the scene on FM 24. He’s a decent dribbler, solid crosser, and has some pace, but excels with his mental attributes.

Alessio Buttaro

Italy pops up again, this time with Serie B side Palermo and their technical full back Buttaro. He’s got the marking skills of a central defender, good positioning, good crossing, and even a 12 strength rating which should keep him on the ball through any challenges.

Alex Jimenez

As part of the Real Madrid system Jimenez has obvious quality, FM has recognised these abilities with a jump in the new update. At 18, he’s on the younger side of these lists but has all the potential in the world.

Kosta Nedeljkovic

Another Croatian and the youngest name on this article, Nedeljkovic is playing for Aston Villa and has a similar potential range to real-life wonderkid Ivan Fresneda.

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That is all for this FM24 best new right back wonderkids guide for the Winter Update. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Football Manager 2024 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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