Myth of Empires Animal Fat Guide

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This Myth of Empires Animal Fat guide will detail how to best farm gain one of the game’s materials. Animal Fat is useful for improving weapons and armour which means you’ll want to collect a decent amount of it when possible, but it isn’t easy to come by. In this guide, I will look at how to get it and which animals provide the most.

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Myth of Empires Animal Fat Tips

There are a few specific animals which give animal fat, namely boars, wolves, bears, panthers, crocodiles, tigers, rhinos and elephants. Despite being plentiful Horses will not provide animal fat nor will rabbits, deer or foxes.

By killing and harvesting the animals named above there is a chance that they will drop Animal Fat for the player, with boars allegedly having a higher drop rate. This is relatively tedious as you have to explore and encounter these animals before killing them.

The quickest method most have found is to build pens to breed a number of each animal allowing you to kill some and harvest the animal fat in an easier manner. From level 33 you can start by making a Boar pen which will let you hoard Boars to breed and harvest for Animal Fat, making this the quickest way to gain the material.

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That is all for this Myth of Empires Animal Fat Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Myth of Empires content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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