Persona 3 Reload Mitsuru Kirijo Answers Guide (Empress Arcana)

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Persona 3 Reload, like other titles in the persona series, places a heavy emphasis on the personal relationships created by the main character. The Chariot Arcana is represented by fellow SEES member Mitsuru Kirijo. In this Mitsuru Kirijo answers guide, I will detail what responses to give during dialogue to level up this link as quickly as possible.

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Mitsuru Kirijo Answers for Persona 3 Reload

To maximise each answer be sure to hang out with Mitsuru when you have an Empress persona equipped. This will add an extra point to good answers.

  • My Own Ignorance Astounds Me: Why not give it a try
  • He’s just maturing: Are you happy?
  • The most peculiar feeling: Maybe you’re in love/Maybe you’re anxious
  • Forget I said anything: I heard nothing.
  • We’ll be looking back on these days with nostalgia: Did something happen?
  • What does marriage mean: It’s all for love
  • Construction of a movie theatre: Glad you enjoyed it.
  • She’s likely more suited to riding a motorcycle: A motorcycle?
  • I spend my time tuning it whenever I can: Let’s go for a ride
  • …..: Looking for something specific/Need some help
  • This is the best solution: I didn’t know….
  • I won’t run from my fate: I’ll do something about it
  • Is that too selfish a request?: I don’t mind at all
  • How dare you say that?!: Don’t insult her father!
  • Please excuse me: Don’t give in.
  • I am so sorry about what happened last time: It made me happy

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That is all for this Persona 3 Reload Mitsuru Kirijo answers guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Persona 3 Reload content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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