Persona 3 Reload Social Link List & How to Unlock

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This Persona 3 Reload social link list will name out every social link available in the remaster and detail how to unlock each one for use in the game. Persona 3 Reload has released across multiple platforms including on Steam so be sure to check it out.

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Persona 3 Reload Social Link List

  • Fool Arcana – SEES: Unlocks and Ranks up automatically
  • Death Arcana – Pharos: Unlocks and Ranks up automatically
  • Magician Arcana – Kenji Tomochika: Unlocks automatically
  • Chariot Arcana – Kazushi Miyamoto: Visit the track team after hearing about sports clubs and join the team
  • Strength Arcana – Yuko Nishiwaki: Increase Chariot link to Level 2 and talk to Yuko when prompted and ask to walk home with her
  • Emperor Arcana – Hidetoshi Odagiri: Go to the student council after being asked to by Mitsuru
  • Justice Arcana – Chihiro Fushimi: Unlock the Emperor social link, talk to Chihiro in the corridor next to the room across 4 days and ask to hang out and walk home together when prompted
  • Hierophant Arcana – Bunkichi and Mitsuko: Visit the bookshop in Iwotodai after it reopens, speak to the couple in the shop, visit the persimmon tree at school and inspect it to find a leaf, bring the leaf back to the couple.
  • Hermit Arcana – Maya: Receive the game from Junpei, on a sunday choose to play the game online
  • Moon Arcana – Gourmet King: Increase magician arcana to level 3. Find the gourmet king in Paulownia Mall during the day with Level 2 charm. Complete the food quiz by answering back Pheromone Coffee, Red, Hagakure Bowl. Bring the Gourmet King an “odd morsel” from Tartarus
  • Hanged Arcana – Maiko Oohashi: Go to Nanagaki shrine after hearing about it, speak to Maiko, go to Iwotodai and buy some Weird Takoyaki from the food grill, bring it to Maiko, buy a Mad Bull from Iwatodai Station vending machine when she asks for something fizzy, give her the Mad Bull, go back to see her on a different day and start the social link
  • Temperance Arcana – Bebe: Check the sign on the door of the home economics room, get to Level 2 Academics to read it, choose to enter when open
  • Fortune Arcana – Kesuke Hiraga: Visit the art club room after being told it is open, join the art club when asked
  • Devil Arcana – President Tanaka: Increase hermit link to Level 4, with Level 4 charm talk to Tanaka at Paulownia mall, pay him 20,000 yen, give him 10,000 after he reappears, give him a further 10,000 when he next comes back
  • Sun Arcana – Akinari Kamiki: Increase the Hanged social link to Level 3, get level 4 academics to speak to Akinari after being introduced, when tasked with finding the fountain pen return to base and speak to Koromaru, bring the pen back to Akinari
  • Tower Arcana – Mutatsu: Increase the team manager link to level 4, with level 3 courage and speak to Mutastu in Club Escapade, when asked to get alcohol go to the bar and complete their task which involves the orders as follows, Entrance/Margarita, table/bloody mary, middle of the floor/screwdriver, guy over there/oolong tea, get these right and the bartender will take Mutatsu’s order
  • Star Arcana – Mamoru Hayase: After competing in the track competition as part of the Chariot link you will find Hayase in Iwatodai mall. Get Level 4 courage to speak to him
  • Priestess Arcana – Fuuka Yamagishi: Join the art club, talk to Fuuka outside your classroom, get Level 6 courage to ask her to hang out
  • Lovers Arcana – Yukari Takeba: You will need Level 6 charm to ask her to hang out once she becomes available as a social link
  • Empress Arcana – Mitsuru Kirijo: You will need Level 6 academics to ask her to hang out once she becomes available

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That is all for this Persona 3 Reload Social Link list. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Persona 3 Reload content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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