Songs of Silence: New trailer to debut during PC Gaming Show

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Chimera Entertainment’s forthcoming Strategy 4X title, Songs of Silence, will debut a brand new trailer during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted event on November 30th, 2023. Alongside the trailer, a release window of Spring 2024 will be confirmed for the game. Songs of Silence will be released first on PC, with console versions to follow.

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The new trailer focuses on the details of the game’s factions: the Firstborn, the Starborn and the Crusade. In it, we’ll meet the faction heroes and learn more about the forces they command, as well as their origins and motivations. This brand new gameplay short follows up on the incredible reception Songs of Silence received during Steam’s Next Fest in October, where the demo was downloaded by nearly 25,000 players around the world.

Already featured by major creators Splattercat, Raptor, Dan Field, and MisterMV; Songs of Silence has gathered fans and supporters among streamers, journalists, and players alike. Players can download the latest demo from the game’s Steam page, where they can also wishlist and follow the game to stay updated on all future developments.

Songs of Silence is a story-rich strategy game for PC and console, set in two distinct fantasy worlds threatened by the all-devouring Silence. The game features a unique mix of turn-based kingdom management, exploration, and hero development, contrasted with short and intense real-time battles. Featuring a beautiful orchestral soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto, composer for Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

Beautiful, Art Nouveau-inspired graphics

Fueled by the work of Alphonse Mucha and other proponents of the Art Nouveau style, Songs of Silence bucks the strategy trend of muddy maps and dour, anonymous units by bringing beautiful, colorful visuals to the genre.

Classic 4X Strategy

Lead mighty armies conscripted from a roster of over 100 units as you explore beautiful handmade campaigns and custom multiplayer maps. Outwit your opponents by laying deadly ambushes in the terrain or march right up to the front gates to lay siege to their cities. Manage hard-won resources to rebuild a ravaged realm and defeat your rival kingdoms.

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Innovative battle system

Play intense, fast-paced battles as the armies of the realms clash in vicious combat. Set your formation and prepare to engage the enemy, using tactical orders, reinforcements, and divine powers to turn the tide of conflict.


Songs of Silence offers a fresh take on cards. Instead of collecting and building a deck of cards which are dealt in hands, cards in Songs of Silence represent unique actions granted by heroes and locations. These are then played on the campaign map or during our real-time battles to influence outcome via troop orders, status effects, or direct damage.

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Three distinct, powerful factions

Each faction and hero has their distinct play style, both on the strategic map and in battle. Choose from hundreds of card effects, from celestial summons to burning down entire cities. The options are nearly limitless.


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