Valorant Champions Evil Geniuses Might Be Parting Ways With Their Roster

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Evil Geniuses have done it, they are the Champions of Valorant. After embracing the villain role the whole tournament, they have proved the haters wrong and hoisted the trophy. But the celebrations were cut short. Just recently, the news of EG having some issues is all over Twitter.

It is reported that the org has allowed all of their players to explore their options this offseason. If they stay with the org, they will have a pay cut. The players have already voiced their disappointment in X(Twitter), Corbin “C0M” Lee and Ethan “Ethan” Arnold are the most vocal with their feelings.

This is heartbreaking to all their fans, they are currently the best team in the world and only a few teams can stop them at this point. This is a clear indication of financial problems in the org. They might not be able to afford the players anymore due to their stock increasing from winning the Valorant Champions 2023.

If they release all of their current roster, what will happen next? They still have a slot in franchising at the end of the day. They might get a South American roster to compete for them in the VCT, they already did this for their Dota 2 team. But this is just a theory based on their past actions.

There is still some hope on the horizon though. There are still no official announcements from both the org and the players so there is still a chance for them to work things out. All in all, this really shows how bad the economy right now in the esports industry is. Sometimes winning is really just not enough. From the mass layoffs of other esports orgs and the continuing struggle for most, if not all orgs, to make a profit, we might see more of these stories in the coming months.


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