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The Thronefall perks add a nice edge to the relatively minimalist game. By offering various small upgrades in the form of perks, the developers have made them necessary to master in order to get the best out of your defences. In this article, we will list every perk, discuss how to unlock them, and highlight the best perks.

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Thronefall Perks

All Thronefall Perks


  1. Stone Walls: Increases Stone Wall health and damage resistance
  2. Guard Towers: Increase Guard Tower damage and range
  3. Barricades: Increases Barricade health and damage resistance
  4. Sentry Tower: Increases range of Sentry Towers
  5. Spike Traps: Increases damage of Spike Traps
  6. Ballista Tower: Unlocks Ballista Towers that deal big damage
  7. Catapult Tower: Unlocks Catapult Towers that can fire over walls
  8. Wall Runner: Allows units to climb walls
  9. Fortification Master: Increases health and damage resistance for all fortifications


  1. Tax Collector: Increases money made from tax collectors
  2. Merchant: Increases money made from merchants
  3. Bank: Increases amount you can keep in the bank
  4. Marketplace: Increases money made from Marketplace
  5. Gold Mine: Unlocks gold mines which produce gold over time
  6. Gem Mine: Unlocks gem mines which produce gems over time
  7. Woodcutter: Unlocks woodcutters which produce wood over time
  8. Stonemason: Unlocks stonemasons which produce stone over time
  9. Economy Master: Increases earnings from all economic endeavors


  1. Builder: Increases speed of builders
  2. Laborer: Increases speed of laborers
  3. Smithy: Increases speed of smithy
  4. Workshop: Increases speed of workshop
  5. Library: Increases speed of library
  6. Mage Towers: Unlocks Mage Towers
  7. Siege Workshop: Unlocks Siege Workshops which make Siege Weapons
  8. Production Master: Increases production speed of all production buildings


  1. Swordmaster: Increases Swordmaster attack and health
  2. Archer: Increases Archer attack and range
  3. Spearman: Increases Spearman attack and armor
  4. Cavalry: Increases Cavalry attack and speed
  5. Catapult: Increases damage of catapult
  6. Ballista: Increases damage of Ballista
  7. Mage: Increases Mage attack and spell damage
  8. Siege Engine: Increases Siege Engine damage
  9. Combat Master: Increases attack and health of every unit


  1. Scout Tower: Unlocks Scout Towers which improve range
  2. Teleporter: Allows you to move units between teleporters
  3. Research Lab: Unlocks ability to investigate technology to improve units
  4. Scrying Pool: Let’s you see enemy base
  5. Morale Boost: Increases unit damage and speed for a short time
  6. Healing Ward: Heals units for limited time
  7. Shield Ward: Gives units a temporary shield
  8. Utility Master: Improve efficiency of all Utility abilities

How to Unlock Perks

Perks can be unlocked naturally through playing the game by completing challenges, increasing your level and by using gold at the perk shop.

It’s always appreciated when a game has special skills that can be unlocked through gameplay, it makes it more enticing to play at your best in every level.

Best Thronefall Perks

There are some perks that stand out above the others, although the best for each person will depend on their playing style. To me, these perks are the obvious best of the best:

  • Wall Runner
  • Ballista Towers
  • Siege Workshop
  • Economy Master
  • Research Lab
  • Combat Master

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That is all for this Thronefall perks list. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Thronefall content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know!

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