Viewfinder Chapter 4 Level 2.4 Solution Guide

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The puzzle from Chapter 4 Level 2.4 in Viewfinder has proven tricky. Viewfinder has been a hit due to its mind-bending story style and puzzling gameplay. While some of the puzzles are fine, this one has proven difficult for some players. That’s where I hope to come in with this solution.

Viewfinder is available over on Steam. Be sure to check out the game.

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Chapter 4 Level 2.4 Guide for Viewfinder

This level sees the player set in a level with a teleporter and a battery pad. The obvious goal is to activate the battery pad so you can use the teleporter to reach the next level. The only issue, getting the battery to the pad.

If you look around the level you will find a battery locked in a cage, which would lead many to believe that the goal is to break the battery out of the cage and take it up to the pad.

The actual solution to the puzzle in Chapter 4 level 2.4 is actually to use your photographs to bend reality to your whim. First, take a photo of both the teleporter and the battery pad nearby, being sure not to cut off any part of either.

Go back to the caged battery and place the photograph in a way that places the battery pad directly beneath the caged battery. If done right this should activate the teleporter, allowing you to proceed to the next stage.

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That is all for this Chapter 4 Level 2.4 solution guide for Viewfinder. Is there any other content you’d like to see from us about this puzzle game? Did we omit any details? Be sure to chime in and let us know!

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