What Can We Expect From GTA 6?

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As video games have become more and more popular over recent years, it’s perhaps not surprising that some of the most popular games have attracted speculation, both online and in print. It has become commonplace for gaming fans to play poker online, as well as other traditional games, but also to enjoy an entirely new genre of episodic games with intricate plots and storylines that follow from one release to the next.

Some video games have become so popular that they break through to the mainstream and even those with no interest in gaming have heard of them. Grand Theft Auto is just such a game, with a long history of engaging players with exciting and sometimes controversial gameplay.

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The first game became available on the first PlayStation in 1997, with fans immediately praising the long-form story style of the game. Publicist Max Clifford admitted to posting controversial stories about the game even in its earliest days, trying to generate front-page headlines to coincide with the game’s launch in the hope that it would encourage fans to buy it.

Since then, the game has stayed a firm favourite, regularly cited as one of the best games ever among fans of the original game and new players that have been introduced through subsequent editions. In the advent of the release of the sixth chapter in what is now an epic story, there are some things that fans are hoping will be included in the latest from this super-star games studio, such as:

Grand Theft Auto 6

Since Rockstar Games, the studio responsible for the GTA franchise, had an unexpected leak in February 2022, the gaming community has been eagerly awaiting updates about the latest in this hugely popular series. While rumours abounded that some game footage had appeared online, the company confirmed that not only were they working on the next GTA game, but some of the details that fans had been desperate to learn.

While some of the footage was relatively unremarkable at first glance, fans have scrutinised every detail to see if they can uncover any more secrets.

Where will it be set?

The leaked footage seemed to show that GTA 6 would signal a return to Vice City, the popular map that first appeared in the game in 2002. Industry speculation had been hovering around the idea that Vice City was about to make a comeback, but the leaked footage appeared to show that it was at least in the opening credits for the next release, giving fans hope that the rumours are correct.

Rockstar’s recent statement didn’t confirm either way, but interested commentators have been spotting signs suggesting that Vice City will make a return. These have included everything from zooming in to ‘VCPD’ logos on the police cars to scouring job ads to see if the specs give any clues as to what the team will be working on.

Will there be new characters?

Fans have discussed and hoped for a female protagonist to give this series a little more girl power, and it does seem as though Rockstar has taken this on board. The footage appears to have included a female character who engages the police in a gun battle and goes about her business elsewhere in the city.

In their press release, Rockstar confirmed that they were working on a Bonnie and Clyde-style pairing with male and female characters that end up going on the run together in an attempt to avoid capture after a series of daring heists. Fans of the ability to character switch that was introduced in the most recent version of the game will appreciate being able to play as either of the main characters.

Other features

Some of the keenest gamers have been pursuing the suggestion that there will be some sort of cryptocurrency featured in GTA 6. The in-game stock market was a popular feature of GTA 5 with many players working out how to make a virtual fortune by buying low and selling high, just like in real life.

Devotees were hoping that this feature would be back for the next release, and experts believe that they might be in luck. There are strong rumours of an even more advanced operation that includes cryptocurrency trading as well as traditional stocks.

The release date for GTA 6 has yet to be announced, and although there are rumours that it could be this year, these are among those that have not yet been confirmed. Keen gamers have noted that Rockstar has advertised for a live events coordinator, and they have speculated that the role might be focused on putting together a launch party.

With no confirmation as yet, fans will have to be patient when it comes to discovering which of the rumours are true and what else might be included in this hotly-anticipated game.


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