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This Dave the Diver staff guide aims to bring you all the details needed to put together the best crew in Dave the Diver. The game has exploded to life over on Steam and continues to gain momentum. Let’s take a look at the staff in the game and what they offer.

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Full Dave the Diver Staff Guide


Peak Cooking: 308

Peak Serving: 616

Peak Procure:310

Peak Appeal: 442

Skills: Tip Master & Cleaning Master


Peak Cooking:572

Peak Serving:220

Peak Procure: 330

Peak Appeal: 132

Skills: Wasabi Refill & Tip Master


Peak Cooking: 1537

Peak Serving: 318

Peak Procure: 778

Peak Appeal: 135

Skills: Cooking+ & Ingredient Prepping Expert

El Nino

Peak Cooking: 132

Peak Serving: 1033

Peak Procure:769

Peak Appeal: 901

Skills: Drink Serving Master & Cleaning Master


Peak Cooking:908

Peak Serving: 330

Peak Procure: 505

Peak Appeal: 198

Skills: Cooking+ & Ingredient Prepping Master


Peak Cooking: 66

Peak Serving: 507

Peak Procure: 375

Peak Appeal: 441

Skills: Tip Master & Water Refill


Peak Cooking:243

Peak Serving:270

Peak Procure:220

Peak Appeal:199

Skills: Cleaning & Serving+


Peak Cooking:1100

Peak Serving:23

Peak Procure:10

Peak Appeal:10

Skills: Cooking+ & Cooking++


Peak Cooking: 536

Peak Serving:490

Peak Procure: 440

Peak Appeal: 398

Skills: Cooking+ & Serving+


Peak Cooking: 1294

Peak Serving: 440

Peak Procure: 660

Peak Appeal: 264

Skills: cooking+ & Cooking++


Peak Cooking:1752

Peak Serving:330

Peak Procure:794

Peak Appeal: 132

Skills: Cooking++ & Ingredient Prepping Expert


Peak Cooking: 1151

Peak Serving: 220

Peak Procure: 529

Peak Appeal: 88

Skills: Ingredient Prepping Expert & Cooking+

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That is all for this Dave the Diver staff guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Dave the Diver content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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