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After coming across Spear 3 in my Roman Reigns CAW creation I had a desire to use that move for former world champion Goldberg. Given his simplistic gear and bald head, I figured he would be one of the easier wrestlers to replicate. Here is the Goldberg CAW Formula that I settled on.

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Note: Due to AEW: Fight Forever’s limited CAW options not every formula will look as good as WWE 2K but for now everyone in the fandom is doing their best!

Goldberg CAW Formula


Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma US

Pose 3

AI Type: Heavy Handed


*where Color 1 is mentioned that indicates selecting the color option in the top-left corner as it is the darkest shade possible*

Face Type 8

Skin Tone 3

Eye Type 2

Eye Color 5

Eyebrows 5

Color 1

Hair Type 1

Facial Hair 8

Color 1


Body Type 4

Body Hair 2

Color Monochrome 2

Body Settings: 6’4″, 75, 90, 285


Left Arm 1

Color 1

Left Wrist 9

Color 1

Right Wrist 9

Color 1

Trunks 2

Color 1

Left Knee 4

Color 1

Right Knee 4

Color 1

Footwear 6

Color 1

Arm Tattoo 11


Signature: Military Press 1 or Military Press Slam (no jackhammer in game)

Finisher: Spear 3

Taunt: LFG 10

Fire Up 13

Entrance Settings

General Male 61

Effects 1: Front Shower Pyro

Effect 2: Sparkler Cascade

Effect 3: Smoke & Sparks

Object: Black Suits

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That is all for this Goldberg CAW formula. We will be sure to update it with future updates hopefully adding more options to the creative suite. For now, enjoy showing the best of the best in AEW who’s next!

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
Alex Richards, Site Manager
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