SoSAWL Nami Guide – Gifts, Diary, Marriage

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This Nami guide for Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life will detail how to romance Nami by giving her the right gifts, interacting with her, and following the standard procedure for proposing marriage. Ahead of the game’s release on Steam now is as good a time as any to help romance blossom.

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SoSAWL Nami Guide

Here are some of Nami’s favourite gifts:

  • Trick Blue Flowers
  • Mily Soup
  • Egg Soup
  • Dig Site Artifacts:
    • Clay Figurines
    • Coins
    • Fossils

You can find her diary in her room at the inn, it’s a notebook located next to the radio. You can only access her room while she is in it but once you’re in you can access the diary.

Nami is often found at the Bluebird Cafe, the forest pond, the beach, or near the inn but her exact location can always be found by using the map.

To raise her heart level it is best to interact with Namia and give her multiple gifts per day from those she really likes. You can also make the most of heart events where you’ll be given clear dialogue options to advance the budding romance.

Be careful not to watch other characters have too many heart events or they will get married and could steal away your chosen love interest.

How to Get Married

You can propose by getting a blue feather and giving it to Nami. The blue feather is acquired automatically during a cutscene after Day 10 but doesn’t guarantee acceptance. Whether it is Nami or any other character a higher heart level will give you a higher chance of the proposal being accepted. Anything over 8 hearts should be enough to secure a yes, but there’s no guarantee.

There is an alternative method where a player will approach you to get married, you’ll be given a list of people who you have a good heart level with and whoever you choose will arrive at your house ready to propose.

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That is all for this Nami guide in SoSAWL. Did we omit anything? Are there any other characters you would like to see a guide for? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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