BattleBit Remastered Final Playtest Review

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BattleBit Remastered conducted its final playtest this past weekend (9 – 11 June). Although the name would imply that there is an original BattleBit, there is no such thing. The developers have been working on this title for so long it was fitting to name it “remastered”. Fans will not have to wait much longer as early access is set to release on June 15.

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BattleBit Remastered Final Playtest Review


First off, if anyone has played any Battlefield title they will be right at home in this chaotic and completely destructible environment. BattleBit has the nostalgic feel like Battlefield: Bad Company or Battlefield 2. It supports up to 254 concurrent players on fairly well-balanced maps. The class system is just like Battlefield coming with full kit and weapon customization.

Currently, there are 6 classes Squad leader, Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, and Recon. Assault is the typical “rifleman” style load out, facilitating an all-around experience. Medic has all your healing and reviving equipment, perfect for keeping your teammates alive close to objectives. Engineers can build light cover obstacles and also pack a punch with explosives and rocket-propelled grenades. Support is equipped with machine guns and grenades for laying down suppressive fire. Recon is the sniper class, but with the added equipment for mobility. In addition, the Recon class has the grappling hook for reaching high ground (don’t tell Anakin) and even a deception device to mimic the glint of a sniper’s scope. Finally, the Squad Leader class is very similar to the Assault load with binoculars and an air drone added for battle space awareness.

Even though the map and engagements get extremely congested and chaotic, gameplay was always smooth and most importantly fun. Expect to die a lot in the fray, but the chaos is also part of the charm. A nostalgic beauty bringing new players and fans of mid and late 2000 Battlefield titles together.

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One look at BattleBit and it is apparent the graphics might not be winning any awards for eye shattering or life-like visuals. It essentially looks like a Roblox mod. However, it adds to its appeal and more importantly it does not take away from the gameplay or atmosphere. The environment it still as destructive as Battlefield and smooth on the frame rates.

Game Modes

Currently, there are 2 game modes. Assault and Secure, which is a sequential capture the flag mode spanning the entire map. Also, according to the BattleBit Remastered Wiki page, there is Rush Mode. Where one team is trying to destroy an objective while the other team must defend and bleed the enemy out of lives. Once again Battlefield fans will feel right at home in these games modes. Moreover, BattleBit also uses a ticketing system for tabulation of points. In this system, each player life lost (excluding if a player gets revived) will count against the tickets their team starts with. Essentially it is a count down to zero, the more players die, the more tickets are spent until there are no more.

Vehicles and Weapon Selection

At BattleBit‘s current stage there are many different weapons and vehicles to choose how you enter battle. Assault rifles take up the majority of weapon choices ranging from the ACR to the HK419. There are also about 6 submachine guns including the MP7 and the classic MP5. A few Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs) from the P90 to the aptly named “Honey Badger” are in the mix for the Medic and a Engineer classes. All this variety is great, however, BattleBit only has 2 machine guns currently, the M249 SAW and the L86A1.

There is also a healthy variety of vehicles to choose how you will ride onto the front lines. Multiple “HUMVEE” like vehicles with mounted weapon systems make for a fast ride between objectives. The M1 Abrams and T90 main battle tanks and 2 armored personnel carriers are the iron horses that will pack a punch supporting dismounted infantry in any situation. A few helicopters also help provide air assault and air support from the ultimate high ground. Most vehicle control are smooth and are fairly intuitive.

Verdict – 8/10

BattleBit is an extremely fun FPS and enjoys a lot of momentum and hype. If this momentum continues and is maintained it may even give Battlefield a run for its money. Its intuitive weapon and class customization allow players to enjoy experimenting with other kits and equipment for the best possible play style. The destructible environment and various vehicles add to the atmosphere and put players in control of how to turn engagements in their favor.

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Early release is June 15 and will be priced at $14.99 on Steam. BattleBit Store Page is forecasting more content at launch with new weapons and a new map so stay tuned for updates.


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