How to Solve COD DMZ Koschei Complex Bunker Access Puzzles

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players are beside themselves at the new exclusion zone map added to the DMZ mode with the launch of Season 3 reloaded. Koschei Complex is a vast, sprawling underground bunker littered with loot, special rewards, and some of the deadliest enemies in the game. Navigating your way through the Koschei Complex is not for the faint of heart, but this brief guide may just help you extract with some game-changing weaponry in tow.

Let us start by saying Koschei Complex is a fantastic addition to Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode. Building 21 was billed as the best thing since sliced bread, but it was, and still is, bitterly disappointing. While the addition of Koschei Complex won’t have people clambering for the best online sports betting apps and backing Modern Warfare 2 to win Game of the Year, it has given players much food for thought about the upcoming fourth season.

How to Find Koschei Complex’s Entrances

There are four entrances to the underground Koschei Complex for you to find. Thankfully, finding them is made simple thanks to those entrances appearing on your map as a question mark.

Entrances can be found at Rohan Oil, in the desert northwest of the map, known as Oasis, in the parking deck under Al Mazrah City, and between Al Marzrah City and Taraq. Finding these entrances is easy, although they are often heavily populated with Tier 3 AI and other operators. While finding the locations will not be a problem, gaining access through the respective bunker doors can be challenging.

There are two things to be aware of in the Koschei Complex. First, everyone on your team must be in the airlock room with the bunker door to open access to Koschei Complex. If they are not, they get left behind.

Second, some areas inside the complex are pitch black, so finding night vision goggles (which can be found in parts of the complex, too) or adding a thermal scope or flashlight to your primary weapon is advised.

Solving the Access Puzzles

Naturally, each of the four entrances takes you to a different starting area of the Koschei Complex.

The Rohan Oil entrance starts you in the External Operations section. You’ll quickly encounter a bunker door preventing your progression into the complex. A car battery and jumper cables are required to power up the door. While they can be found in the complex, it could be worth looting some in Al Mazrah before heading to the complex.

Entering the complex via Al Mazrah City sees you start in the Information Extraction section of the map. Again, it will not take long until you find another bunker door requiring jumper cables and a car battery to open it.

A swimming puzzle awaits anyone entering the complex via the entrance between Al Mazrah City and Taraq. The area is flooded, so follow the red arrows marked on the wall. You can relax a little in the first of two areas because it is relatively safe. However, there are traps and high-powered AI enemies in the second area. Just keep following the red arrows until you reach the bunker door.

The Oasis entrance is far more challenging and places you in the Defense Research Division with a three-pronged puzzle to contend with. AI enemies and gas-filled bunkers are your first hazard; a control panel to your right closes various doors and stops gas leaking.

It is a similar story in the second area, with a button needing pressing to stop gas spewing out. You will notice another door leaking gas. Here, there is a value needing turning manually before you can continue on your path to section three.

The third and final part is tricky. It combines control panel buttons and several manual values while you contend with more AI enemies and a sentry gun. Once all the valves are shut, you can move deeper into the complex via the airlock.

Is Heading to Koschei Complex Worth It?

Although Koschei Complex is at the high end of the difficulty scale, in addition to often being full of other operators, some superb rewards await those brave enough to enter. Furthermore, some higher-tier Redacted missions require you to enter the complex and kill specific enemies, namely the two hard-as-nails bosses that reside there. Good luck!

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