Top 10 Simulator Games to Play in 2023

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You’re probably wishing to step out of this life and into another relaxing experience — may it be running a business or farm, building a city, or operating a submarine. That’s what the best simulator games help you achieve. 

With numerous subgenres and many titles from indie and studio developers, it can be challenging to pick the best sim games. But with this article, you’ll find the top sim games you can play in 2023 and beyond. 

Ready to roll? Let’s dive in. 

1. Roulette Royale 

Roulette is among the oldest casino games that let you learn, practice, implement, and hone the best betting strategy when you head over to a casino. 

Roulette Royale offers solo, multiplayer, and tournament gaming options. It has a simple layout that makes it beginner friendly—you only have to place your bet, spin the wheel, and wait for the ball to land on your number or payline. 

Once you become a competitive Roulette Royale player, you can check out Casino websites in Australia where you can play for real money. You’ll find independent expert reviews on the best casinos with generous bonus offerings and plenty of games to choose from.

2. World Championship Boxing Manager 2

In the World Championship Boxing Manager 2 gameplay, you play as the lead manager. You schedule fights, earn money by winning the fights, and then use the money on training your boxer, upgrading facilities, and hiring top-notch staff. 

The game offers four (4) fighting styles and a few recovery options to choose from. Choose the right fighting style and witness your boxer clinch the glory…or mess up and see your boxer get a KO’d! 

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator 

Ready to switch to airplane mode and take to the skies? Microsoft Flight Simulator will give the simultaneous impressive and terrifying feeling of flying you’re looking for. 

Turn on all the detailed assists if you just want to fly as you view beautiful sights. Or, become the pilot and experience the hot air rippling over the wing as you take off on the runway. The flight becomes amazing as you descend through the clouds. 

The game comes with every detail you need to see the wonders of planet Earth. From simulated aerodynamic modeling and cockpits & instrumentation to real-time weather conditions—you’ll love the wind speed and direction outside your window. 

4. Railway Empire 

Ooh, the early years of the Wild West era. Would you love to journey down the path of history and travel across the United States on a train? 

The Railway Empire is here for you. Ride and control dozens of trains as you traverse and build North America into the 20th-century harbor for your train company.

The real task is how you manage the company—laying down tracks, building stations, overseeing workers, and carrying out research on new technologies. 

5. Farming Simulator 22

Imagine yourself as a modern farmer tilling large trucks of land using exceptional machines and equipment. You can live that dream with Farming Simulator 22. 

Enjoy your days among the hills tending your crops, livestock, and trees without dirtying your wellies. But that doesn’t help you escape the smell of the manure! Overall, you get new skills to make exciting crop circles.

6. F1 2020 

If you’re an F1 enthusiast, you’d love the F1 2020 sim game. Get a simulated experience of driving the ridiculously fast F1 beasts—the small traction changes, unmistakable bobble for hitting full speed, and the back twitch out in the rain. 

What’s more fun is the ability to create and manage your F1 team, or recruit actual F1 drivers based on their real-time stats. Interact with the pit crew, gain their trust, and see yourself rise to fame in modern or classic cars. 

7. World of Tanks 

It’s exciting to sit in the driver’s seat and control enormous tanks across different terrains where real and famous battles took place. That’s what World of Tanks offers players. 

With a variety of maps to choose from, head to battle against players around the globe. But you’ll need to draw a strategic plan before diving into the battlefield and emerging victorious.

8. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator 

Life as a chef, isn’t that interesting? Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator allowing you to run a restaurant. You learn how to make different dishes as well as how to manage your supplies and staff. 

Do it right and build a state-of-the-art restaurant in no time. Get it wrong and experience the pressure of the dinner rush. 

9. PC Building Simulator 

Ever wished to be a software engineer? Then here’s your chance–PC Building Simulator. This sim game lets you build a PC business where you sort customers’ hardware problems using real-life brands like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. 

Prep the pressurized air can, take your thermal paste, and get started undoing screws and untangling wires. Conversely, you can get into construction mode and build your dream PC from scratch. 

10. Cities: Skylines 

Nothing beats the feeling of transforming your metropolis and watching them thrive. So, get that empty plot, draw your design, and build a bustling city that everyone wants to live in. 

Cities: Skylines building simulation lets you manage the initial city design, resource allocation, and governance policies as you build a modern metropolis. 

Beat the Boredom at Home 

Now that you’ve options of the top simulation games you can play from the comfort of your home, are you ready to step into another life? Whether you want to master the art of playing roulette, farming, building a PC or city from scratch, flying over the clouds, or fighting in battles—top simulator games will oblige. 


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