NBA 2K23 Best Finishing Badges

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The Best finishing badges in NBA 2K23 (available from retailers like Gamestop) are essential to making your MyPlayer into an efficient paint scorer. Whether you’re driving to the basket as a guard or battlring for rebounds as a big these are the badges you need to dominate the opposing defense.

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Best Finishing Badges in NBA 2K23

Fearless Finisher

Every single guide to finishing badges you come across will mention the Fearless Finisher. That’s because it is the single most important badge in the game for scoring around the rim due to it helping you finish through traffic even when your layups and dunks are contested.


Just like Fraeless Finisher, you can’t consider yourself a danger in the paint without the slitcher badge. This one makes it tougher for opposing defenses to strip the ball away from you and contest your layups.

Bully or Giant Slayer

This one will depent on your position and height. For smaller guards driving to the rim you should get Giant Slayer as it makes you more likely to finish at the rim despite the giant defenders trying to swat the ball away.

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Conversely, Bully is there for bigger players to throw their size and strength advantage around by forcibly getting players out of their way and clearing the way for a layup or dunk.

Fast Twitch

I find this one is very useful if you’re a big who is getting offensive rebounds. It makes it tougher for defensive players to get the ball out of your hands when going for put-backs and should make you a leader in second chance scoring for your team.


Another one for the Bigs, this gives you a boost hwen finishing against smaller players. This can be used when in a size mismatch coming off a pick and roll or on the break when the oppositions bigger players haven’t got back and only a smaller guard is standing in your way.

That is all for our guide for the best finishing badges in NBA 2K23. Did we omit anything? Be sure to chime in and let us know if our guide helped!

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